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Federal & State Criminal Appeals | Post-Conviction Representation

Determination, Trust, Integrity, Truth, and Zealous Advocacy are the keys Attorney Kathleen J. Hill uses to achieve the highest measure of success on appeal.  It is Kathleen Hill's practice to help her clients realize their legal objectives by offering premium legal services at affordable costs.  If you are struggling with a criminal conviction or a post-conviction issue, Kathleen Hill will partner with you and lead the way to protect your rights and interests.

With over sixteen years of experience, Attorney Kathleen J. Hill has a proven record of having successfully represented clients at trial and appeal.   She will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the legal services and the personal attention you deserve.  She is devoted to protecting clients' rights and interests in direct appeals and post-conviction issues.  Many of her clients have returned to retain her services for specialized legal matters because they trust her, to include representation in the State Ethics Commission and other State Departments.  Attorney Kathleen J. Hill maintains strict confidentiality.

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